Why Pinterest?

So what is the deal with the LSD Pinterest boards?

Why “steal” other people’s pictures, and why not just use existing picture pools on Flikr such as Lego Technique?

Well, there’s three reasons for that: one is that not everybody is uploading their cool stuff to those pools, second is that 90% is not relevant for space building,  and third is that they’re completely disorganised, because people don’t use tags or don’t agree on which tags to use.
Making curated boards not only make the selections more relevant to me, it will also be more useful to other people, because you don’t have to sift through 3000 pictures to get 10 of landing gear (I’d really like to have that board, but 2/5 through the Lego Technique group, I haven’t actually come across any pictures, go figure).

Creating the pinboards is a working process, and I’ve already learned a lot:

  • There’s a lot of boards, blogs etc. out there that share pictures really great MOCs, but few actually have pictures that let you figure out the details. So between all the “here’s another cool MOC”-style image sharing, there’s definitely a need for something that focus on those little details that will help us become better builders.
  • Almost nobody comment on which details are worth noting, so I’ve started commenting all the new pictures I’m pinning. In the beginning I also credited the author by writing “by xxx” in the text, but stopped again, because Pinterest automatically did this when I pinned something from people’s personal stream. However, recently I’ve realised that photos doesn’t get automatically credited if they’re only uploaded to a common photo pool. So I’ll try to go back and fix that :/
  • Pinterest is not very suitabe for handling large number of pictures (no batch processing abilities so you can split existing boards easily) or many boards (no ability to group boards in specific categories). Right now, I’m trying to handle it with a prefix to the title (currently “tech”, “microscale” and “guns” are the three largest categories.

So what can YOU do?

I’d like to hear YOUR opinion on the LSD Pinterest boards in the comments: How can they be improved, organised etc.? Do you have suggestions for new boards or great pictures or galleries I ought to take a look at?

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