89 Boxfighter

Finished 30/1 2009

This moc was made for the Small Starfighter Contest on the flickr-group SCI-Lug.
Rules: Make a starfighter that can fit within LWH 14x14x6 studs when landed.

Basically I tried to get as much as possible out of the limited volume by folding the craft as much as possible, and since everybody likes a huge gun, why not make a railgun twice the length of the craft (this seems to be the maximum weight 3 1×4 hinges can carry)?


21 thoughts on “89 Boxfighter”

  1. The cockpit stays in place because the top and bottom squeeze the beam from top and bottom (the fact that the beam is made up of 1×2 plates with rails and 2×2 tiles also create some extra friction).

    And the pilot have to get out in time: it’s those extra 4 studs inside the cockpit that close the gap at full extension.

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